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glingo is an innovative platform for communication productivity that enables PC-based initiation and management of phone calls and SMS. Using the advantage of the PC’s higher productivity and ease of use, glingo enables phone subscribers to easily start interactions directly from any social network, email, website and desktop application.

Main Features

  • Single-click activation of phone calls and SMS from any desktop application (Word, Excel, email client, etc.) or web page, including social networks.
  • Generates connections from the user’s phone to any target device.
  • Seamless, accurate contact recognition from social networks, emails, websites and any computer application, based on cutting edge, proprietary technology.
  • Cloud-based software solution.

Easy productivity for end-users

  • Enables multiple SMS conversations in parallel, and initiation of voice calls, with no need to move away from the PC application screen or web page.
  • Creates a unified address book, based on the mobile phone contacts and other sources, such as Exchange and Google.
  • Availability indicators integrated in the unified address book facilitate successful connections.
  • Intuitive interface assures a great user experience.

Business benefits for Telecom Operators

  • Reduces the impact of IP-based communication services, and reinforces the phone number as the primary user identification, instead of new Internet-centric IDs.
  • Increases voice calls and SMS usage.
  • White label solution supports the operator’s brand.

System Architecture - Cloud Deployment

System Architecture – On-premises Deployment

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