GateWave Platform

The GateWave® Platform, developed by PassCall stands out as one of the most advanced and extensively field-proven technologies for establishing and operating mobile internet sites and services, mobile applications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and interactive TV.

Unlike the internet world, when implementing an application on a mobile device it is necessary to relate to a large number of factors that have a direct effect on the product. For example: the device version, browser version, type of communication, affiliation to an operator, device definitions, and more. PassCall’s unique GateWave platform the platform offers an entirely unique advantage: its ability to operate in total integration with mobile infrastructures and to completely adapt content to any mobile devices enables any application or service to work properly on mobile devices by creating a uniform interface and user experience adapted to specific end device and its characteristics.

PassCall fully supports all devices used for surfing worldwide, and ensures support for new devices before they come onto the market, adapting new devices on an ongoing basis. After a device is adapted by us, it will support all PassCall services in full, depending on its capabilities.

The quality and control department at PassCall includes experts in mobile devices who handle the adaptation and carry out regular inspections, both on hundreds of devices that we own, and automatically 24/7, using control technology developed by PassCall to guarantee optimum quality.

The platform enables fast interface and two-way integration with all information sources, independent of existing infrastructure, and with no need for customers to develop specific content for different types of uses, such as internet sites (JS, HTML), data systems, files and documents, databases, network service based information sources, RSS, and internal organization services.

GateWave® technology can translate data in real time from different types of sources and display it on any mobile device. It reconstructs the content into defined structures and adapts and optimizes it to every mobile device, according to a design that was prepared ahead of time by user interface experts.

The GateWave® platform includes:

  • Configuration management systems
  • Statistics
  • Redundancy and load sharing
  • Monitoring and alarms
  • Troubleshooting
  • API – for developing products and services and adapting them to any mobile device.

The GateWave® platform has been installed by mobile operators around the world, both as a hosted service and a cloud service via PassCall’s server farm.

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