About Us

PassCall is a leading Cloud Based Hybrid/Mobile Web Application Development Platform. With our unified cross-platform hybrid/mobile web application development solution, we enable System Integrators to deliver complex mobile web projects cost effectively and in short timeframes. We reduce the learning curve required for heterogeneous mobile devices, and enable higher profit margins.

PassCall has more than 120 customers worldwide, an innovative platform and vast experience in the mobile web market space.

From its very beginning, PassCall has promoted mobile media as a dominant media for distributing content and information services and has continuously provided revolutionary technologies and applications for mobile browsing for customers throughout the world. PassCall’s knowledge and experience are expressed in its stability, maturity and the sophistication of the infrastructure, tools, products and services that are provided in its unique business model, which is appropriate for every budget.

PassCall Advanced Technologies Inc. was established in 1998 by Nikki Papo, Eyal Zohar and Sergey Korvelnikov, all former employees of “Aladdin” who came together in order to develop a unique technology for the real time adaptation of content for use in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

In 1999, the technology was also adapted to translate content and to adapt it to mobile internet and interactive television. The first system to be developed was installed with Mirs Communications Inc. and has been active continuously ever since.

Initially, PassCall received funding from “Ituran” and later on raised capital from Intel Capital, Infiniti and Holland Ventures. The company quickly expanded internationally and operated according to a business model whereby it sold and installed platforms with communication companies in Israel, Europe and the Far East as a hosting service.

In 2003, after it was acquired by Zeev Kotzer, CEO of the company, PassCall expanded its work model and began providing ASP services based on the company’s server farm, and has since also served as an integration company for operating mobile services for hundreds of its clients, which are some of the leading companies of their kind.

PassCall has been involved in the mobile internet field for more than a decade, has extensive ties with operators and relevant factors in the field, operates on the basis of a vast amount of knowledge that it acquired, and the infrastructure that it developed for the purpose of carrying out projects in the field of mobile technology. It uses its vast experience to enable its clients to take an active part in the field of mobile technology.

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