Cloud Based Hybrid/Mobile Web Application Development Platform

Develop Once, Deploy On All Mobile Devices

The world of mobility is rapidly changing. Complexity is growing as more and more mobile devices become available. Different OS platform with different development languages are increasing development costs and making business uniformity a nightmare to maintain and manage.

Reports from the leading analysts in the market, such as, Gartner Group and IDC, shows a tremendous growth in the number of users utilizing their mobile devices to browse the Internet, execute business transactions and manage their daily tasks.

System Integrators around the world are faced with increasing demand to provide their customers with mobile application solutions while decreasing the costs of development and maintenance of such projects.

The options available in the market today are:

   • Native Application (iPhone, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, etc.)
   • Hybrid/Mobile Web Application

Native Applications

While Native Applications offer the unique ability to perform mobile device-specific tasks such as operating the camera and working with the device sensors, these actions are rarely, if ever, needed by the mainstream business customers who require publication and management of their website content, including photos, articles and movies.

Developing a Native Application has several drawbacks that should be    considered:

 1. Native Applications are increasingly costly to develop
     The biggest drawback of Native Applications is that marketing to the entire phone
     user base or even a major part of the user base requires a different version of the
     application for each one of the different operating systems. This creates a high
     structural cost in application development and also increases costs over time.

  2. Native Applications present a fragmented presentation of the customer website as
      each mobile device will have a different application, thus causing a breakdown in
      the uniformity of the system.

Developing a Hybrid/Mobile Web Application

There are huge advantages to building a Hybrid/Mobile Web Application:
  1. Easily manage multiple Internet services and sources of content
  2. Develop once for users of multiple mobile operating systems
  3. Provide access to a wide variety of content and services
  4. Decrease development and maintenance costs
  5. Increase website uniformity across all mobile devices.

As customers are struggling with budgets and are looking for a solution that will cover all mobile devices (or at least the majority of them), the decision becomes clear and easy to make.

Why spend a large amount of money to develop an application that will give you access to a limited amount of customers, disrupt the uniformity of your website and increase your costs over time?

Instead, you can Web Application with Ubitron.easily, quickly and cost-effectively develop a Hybrid/Mobile

Provided by PassCall Technologies, a market leader with over 12 years of mobile Internet experience, Ubitron is a full-scale Cloud-Based Mobile Web Application Development Platform. It enables you to significantly decrease your development and maintenance costs while providing you with a platform for building a Hybrid/Mobile Web Application that covers all mobile devices.